The Motivations for Fashion Shopping in China (SPSS Dataset)

Published: 2 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bzn593sv5d.1
, Wenyu Lu


In this study, 403 Chinese consumers generalizable to the broader population were surveyed on their motivations to shop for fashion apparel in both high street and e-commerce environments. Statistical analysis was undertaken through multiple T-Tests and MANOVA with the assistance of SPSS and G*Power. To increase the profits of international brands, this paper presents the motivations of Chinese consumers to engage in fashion retail, building upon established theory in hedonic and utilitarian motivations. With China set to capture over 24% of the $212 billion fashion market, international brands need to understand the unique motivations of Chinese consumers in order to capitalise on the market. However, the motivations of Chinese people to engage in fashion retail are as yet undefined, limiting the ability for international fashion retailers to operate with prosperity in the Chinese market.


Steps to reproduce

See methodology described in the paper linked to this dataset.


The University of Manchester School of Materials, Loughborough University


Marketing, e-Commerce, Design (Visual Arts), Mobile Device, China, Fashion Industry