Raman and UV spectra of radix astragali

Published: 22 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/c2gdkcwvnj.2
Yinsheng Zhang


A. Test Subjects The test subject is radix astragali (astragalus root)[25]. Chinese name: 黄芪(huang-qi). Radix astragali is a widely used medicinal herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is often used to treat diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The radix astragali samples are provided by a TCM pharmaceutical manufacturer. Radix astragalus is the main ingredient in one of their patent drugs. The radix astragali samples come from four different provinces, i.e., Inner Mongolia (north China), Sichuan (southwest China), Shanxi (northwest China), and Gansu (northwest China). Herbs from different regions could have slightly different medicinal effectiveness, due to different cultivation conditions, climate, and environment. B. Instrument Instruments: Both Raman and UV are used to profile the radix astragali samples. The Raman spectrometer used in this study is ProttezRaman-D3, manufactured by Enwave Optronics, US. The ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum is generated by a T6 ultraviolet-visible spectrometer, manufactured by Purkinje General Instrument, China. Procedures: Each radix astragali sample is first processed in a high-speed grinder for 10 min at 25,000 rpm (round per minute). Every 3g of the ground powder is solved in 30 mL ethanol solution. Then, the mixture is stirred for 1 h at 100℃ with reflux. Let the mixture cool down and then filter it. Finally, test with Raman and UV spectrometers. The parameters for Raman are as follows. Laser wavelength: 785 nm. Laser power: 450mW. Exposure time: 5s. C. Dataset 160 radix astragali samples are tested. Each category (province) has 40 samples. The Raman and UV spectra are organized into two CSV (comma-separated value) files. Each row is one sample. The first column is the Y label (0-Inner Mongolia, 1-Sichuan, 2-Shanxi, 3-Gansu). The rest of the columns are Raman wavenumbers or UV wavelengths. Data file summary: 7044.txt - Raman X meaning: Raman shift /wavenumber X range: 100 ~ 4278 cm-1 Resolution: 2cm-1 7143.txt - UV X meaning: wave length X range: 200 ~ 800 nm Resolution: 1 nm