Data of DASS at three age stage

Published: 27 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c2mxwrgc4d.1
Shoushi Wang


The sample comprised 1,150 adolescents (aged 13-19, M = 15.95), 907 college students (aged 17-24, M = 20.33), and 457 older adults (aged 60-101, M = 85.00). Data collection for adolescents and college students was conducted online, while older adults participated through paper-and-pencil tests, facilitated by social workers. The adolescent participants were recruited from two secondary schools in Xinjiang (n = 526) and Gansu (n = 618), with 45.4 % male (n = 522). Baseline data (T1) were collected in June 2020, with follow-up data (T2) gathered in December 2020. The sample from two universities in Gansu comprised the college student group, with males constituting 57.1 % (n= 518) of this cohort. Data collection for this group occurred in April 2021 (T1) and October 2021 (T2). The elderly group, sourced from a community in Jiangsu, had a male representation of 46.4% (n= 212). For these participants, T1 data were collected in September 2020 and T2 data in March 2021.



Beijing Normal University


Clinical Psychology