Blog posts and social media posters shared by Dalit Activists in Sindh, Pakistan. Volume-I

Published: 31 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c3kz294t7b.1
Ghulam Hussain


Blog posts and social media posters Ethnographic Study of Dalit Activism in Sindh (2016-17) Social Media Commentries 4 Ranshal Kolhi 50 Hussain Soofi Baghri (Sufi)Add or change other names 67 Dalit Sujjag Tehreek 71 Revolutionary Solidarity with the peoples struggle 71 Hindu Population (PK) 72 Population of Hindus in the World 72 Population of Hindus in the Pakistan 72 Region wise population of Hindus in Pakistan 73 Pakistan leading socio-political representative organization of the Hindu community 131 Sites relating to Pakistani Hindu Community 131 Introduction & Glory of Sanatana Dharama or (Hinduism) 138 Glory of Hinduism 140 Is Blasphemy Law in Pakistan giving Religious/Social persecution to Minorities ? 141 What could be the future of Pakistani Minority (Hindu Community)? 141 Which is the biggest Temple/Mandir in Karachi City, Pakistan ? 141 Introduction to Sacred-Texts : Hinduism 141 Blog Archive 149 Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP) 149 Parkari Community Development Programme UK ( PCDP UK ) 149 Charity Choice Directory Listings 154 ROYAL HERITAGE 154 Rana Chander Singh:- Hindu Rajput jagirdaar of Islamic Pakistan 154 Rumour triggers violence, sows fear in Jati 157 Sindh Assembly adopts bill against forced religious conversions 158 ٽائيٽل ؛ باگڙي (قبيلو) 159 سندھ میں اقلیتوں کی نمائندگی کا معاملہ 159



Ethnography in Information Systems, Netnography, Role of Media in Social Development, Political Anthropology, Social Media Analytics