Lagos Plastic Pollution Dataset _1

Published: 17 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c4gckfvj5b.1
Nnaemeka Andegbe Chukwuone,


The data set is for the study on the determinants of waste disposal approach by households, their willingness to participate in road gutters/drainage channels cleanup programme and the number of man-days they are willing to contribute/give-up for the programme. The study was carried out in Lagos Nigeria. To ensure a representative sample of households, household selection involved sampling of households from the Enumeration Areas (EA) used by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). EA is a cluster of housing units as delineated by the National Population Commission. A two-stage sampling process was applied in the selection of households for the study. First, we randomly sampled a total of 30 EAs for the study. From each EA, twenty (20) households were randomly sampled, giving a total of 600 households for the study. The data covered information on local government area, enumeration area, the sector (whether urban or rural), and household identification. It also covered information on the respondents' perception of single-use plastics and their environmental problems; information regarding respondent's willingness to participate in a program for the cleanup of wastes in road gutters/drainage channels before the onset of the rainy season and the number of man-days they were willing to volunteer in a week and also their socioeconomic attributes.



University of Nigeria Faculty of Agriculture


Waste Management, Environmental Economics, Plastic Waste, Marine Pollution