Uncal apex positions observed in public neuroimaging datasets

Published: 09-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c4gyz845yx.1
Jordan Poppenk


The current dataset consists of coordinate locations for the uncal apex, as observed within 1,092 different brain images (each containing two hippocampi, for 2,184 different coordinate locations) in the ADNI1, ADNI2, and CamCAN datasets. The coordinates were manually recorded by three raters, who in each case achieved a DICE inter-rater agreement coefficient 0.8 or greater with another rater before recording coordinates for purposes of the current dataset. The coordinates refer to locations in native coordinate space. The brain images referred to by the coordinates may be obtained separately from the owners of the above open data repositories. These data were originally used in the research article "Uncal apex position varies with normal aging" (Poppenk, 2020).