Predictors of Operability in Children with Severe Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Associated With Congenital Heart Disease

Published: 21-03-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c4hy8f9c57.1
Shibing Xi


This was a retrospective cohort study of 59 consecutive children (aged 2–18 years) with a diagnosis of severe PAH-CHD secondary to a simple shunt defect, who underwent surgical repair for CHD, with or without postoperative drugs, between May 2011 and June 2015 at the Guangdong Cardiovascular Institute in China (Guangdong General Hospital, Guangdong Academy of Medical Sciences, Guangzhou, Guangdong). The data were collected retrospectively from medical charts, and the last data were collected on July 31, 2017.