Modeling of Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage Systems (STESs) with solar collectors

Published: 19 October 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/c535555vfy.2
Luis E. Juanicó


These EXCEL file perform the numerical simulations of the annual evolution of an STES system (that is, the evolution of its temperature) based in a water tank and many solar collectors. This STES is heated by using the collectors ( (vacuum-tube or flat ones), which are characterized by its efficiency function. This system is simulated working on a house's roof in Bariloche (an Argentinean location) or Okotoks (Canadian location) in different files, but similarly, other locations could be simulated by using the right set of input parameters (climatic and solar ones). In this numerical code, these locations (and the yield of production for solar collectors there) are characterized by their average monthly solar factors and ambient mean temperatures. Besides, the water tank it characterized by means of its diameter (always using square cylinders, that is, having height equals to diameter), and overall thermal transmission coefficient (K, W/(m2.°C)), which determines the quality of its thermal insulation. This thermal modeling is based on some hypotheses: 1) The ambient temperature surrounding the water tank is uniform. This is reasonable for above-ground tanks (and especially for small tanks) as here is considered. 2) The temperature inside the water tank is uniform. this is reasonable for small tanks, especially aboveground ones, as here is considered. These data are fully related to the work entitled: HEATING HOUSES BY USING VACUUM-TUBE SOLAR COLLECTORS AND A SMALL ABOVEGROUND WATER TANK: A COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR MARITIME CLIMATES what is been published in the journal: ADVANCED IN BUILDING ENERGY RESEARCH, of the Taylor & Francis Group And the solely author of this work is: Luis E. Juanicó Instituto Andino Patagónico en Tecnologías Biológicas y Geoambientales (IPATEC) CONICET and National University of Comahue, (8400) Bariloche, Argentina



CONICET Patagonia Norte


Thermal Analysis, Solar Collector, Building Simulation