Embayed Beach Morphometrics Dataset

Published: 21 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c5bxpgbdr2.1
Thomas Fellowes


This data is the raw morphometric measures from 168 embayed beaches, combined with calculated δ' and γe values and headland assessments from Fellowes et al (in press). Tab1: The measured morphometrics of embayed beaches from 6 regions of the world, calculated δ' and γe, headland orientations and classes of embayed beach. Tab2: Image details and source. Notation for data: a is indentation of the embayment (m) Ae is total embayment area (m2) Hb is breaker wave height at the beach (m) Ro is the headland width (m) Sl is the total embayment length including beach and headlands (m) Xd is alongshore beach length (m) Xsh is the portion of the beach length shadowed by headlands (during dominant swell direction) (m) δ' is the non-dimensional embayment scaling parameter (Short and Masselink, 1999) θh is headland orientation relative to beach aspect (and dominate swell direction) (º)



Morphometrics, Descriptive Tables