Axially deformed solution of the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov equations using the transformed harmonic oscillator basis (III) HFBTHO (v3.00): a new version of the program.

Published: 14 July 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c5g2f92by3.1
R. Navarro Perez,
N. Schunck,
R.-D. Lasseri,
C. Zhang,
J. Sarich


We describe the new version 3.00 of the code HFBTHO that solves the nuclear Hartree–Fock (HF) or Hartree–Fock-Bogolyubov (HFB) problem by using the cylindrical transformed deformed harmonic oscillator basis. In the new version, we have implemented the following features: (i) the full Gogny force in both particle-hole and particle–particle channels, (ii) the calculation of the nuclear collective inertia at the perturbative cranking approximation, (iii) the calculation of fission fragment charge, mass and deformations based on the determination of the neck (iv) the regularization of zero-range pairing forces (v) the calculation of localization functions (vi) a MPI interface for large-scale mass table calculations. The previous version of this program (ADUI_v2_0) can be found at



Computational Physics