U-Pb dating of Triassic units from the Domeyko Range, northern Chile (I)

Published: 19-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c5mxvxh6d5.1
Mauricio Espinoza,
Verónica Oliveros,
Luigi Solari


This dataset covers the U-Pb dating of detrital and igneous samples from Triassic units across the Domeyko Range in northern Chile.  The geochronology provides time constraints for the maximum depositional ages and the crystallization ages of some of these units (Sierra de Varas, Cerro Guanaco, Quebrada del Salitre formations). Files comprise samples analyzed in the Laboratorio de Estudios Isotópicos (bre12305-sup-0004-supinfo4.xlsx) and Arizona LaserChron (bre12305-sup-0003-supinfo3) laboratories. Each sample includes information about the zircons considered and discarded in the calculation of dates.