“Atomic Time – Space”

Published: 7 March 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/c5tg973twk.2


Every element are created from the collaboration of different energy. This energy known as heat energy, magnetic energy , light energy etc.are already mentioned in my article. These two energy “time” & “place”. Every elements are transformed into magnetic waves after dissolve or perish. Everyday billion and billion of magnetic waves have given birth to one or more than one wave’s Addition or subtraction to Elements or matter. In this “Time” & “Place” are particular, Like ,if we heat one cup of water it will turn into vapour or if we cool then it will become ice . Here place is particularly fixed be it, water, or vapour, or ice . Question arises of “Time’s low of Constancy” If we increase the quantity of heat to make vapor of a cup of water then it will quickly turn into vapor or if we slowly decrease the heat then it will take time to become ice. The main exponent of experiment is “Heat” To create heat we need elements and in that element the amount of ‘energy’ and the “time & place”(Which is absorb) is always equal to the total (abandon energy) “energy” - “Time” - “place’s quantity of the changed element from its previous status. The changed quantity of ‘Time’ ‘Place’ and ‘energy’ is gained or lost from the heat creating element by transformation. Now, we can see that to make the structure of any material or, matter in the world there is a relation between energy to particle or, particle to energy in the same way there is a relation between time and place. “This universe have definite time & place. Like different type of energy (Light, heat, magnetic etc). Time and place are also different type of energy. Time and place has also the potential to change from one energy to another”. For Example- Thousand Light away, if a Black Hole creates then the time and place will change definitely. Every substance creates in delicate wavelength’s shape and size- different matter one or more substance. It’s total quantity is equal- total place is equal- total time is equal. # Again, when we analyse white Light through a prism then we get 7 (seven) different colours. The shape of the prism is triangular so, the upper part is thin and in the lower part it is getting thicker only to stop the wavelength of light – Upper thin part have less obstacle but, in the lower part i.e. the thin part of the lower prism gives more obstacle to the wavelength of light. So, the lower part to upper part is doing the change of place, same as the change of time. Now, we have to see what is the role of change of time & place in structure making of a substance



Chemistry, Physics