Results Tables

Published: 8 January 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c5wk6nn4mp.1
Clayton Larkins,
Kaisa Turunen,
Irmeli Mänttäri,
Yann Lahaye,
Nina Hendriksson,
Pekka Forsman,
Soile Backnäs


Geochemical and environmental isotope results from mine water and surface waters collected from the Kittilä mine site, near Kittilä, Finland. This data set is cited in the following article: Larkins, C., Turunen, K., Mänttäri, I., Lahaye, Hendrikkson, N., Forsman, P., Backnäs, S., In Review. Characterization of selected conservative and non-conservative isotopes in mine effluent and impacted surface waters: implications for tracer applications at the mine-site scale. Applied Geochemistry.