Dataset of a "Multicenter field evaluation of real time PCR kit prototype for early diagnosis of congenital Chagas disease”

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c6882kknhd.1
Emmaría Danesi


The file “FONARSEC Study_public data base.cvs” contains all the variables used in the analysis of the manuscript “Multicenter Field Evaluation of Real time PCR Kit prototype for Early Diagnosis of Congenital Chagas disease”. The data set is structured with one record per each T. cruzi infected mother-newborn binomial screened. Each of the 622 binomial screened was assigned an ID, which is the first variable included in the data set, and subsequently variables on binomials characteristics of interest and laboratory results for the 559 recruited binomials. Variables were obtained from: i) study forms to collect information from clinical records or participants answers, ii) specific data forms for laboratory results, and iii) created from the previous variables. In the file “Fonarsec Study_Data dictionary.pdf” is detailed the information on each variable. The analysis of this data set was done with Stata version 11.2, and some complementary analysis in EpiDat version 3.1.



Public Health, Early Diagnosis, Chagas Disease