Data for: Sound, structure and meaning: The bases of prominence ratings in English, French and Spanish

Published: 22 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c6bbrvcfp7.1
Jennifer Cole, Caroline Smith, Ricardo Napoleão de Souza, Christopher Eager, Jose Ignacio Hualde, Timothy Mahrt


Three Excel spreadsheets contain prominence rating data and accompanying word-level phonological, syntactic, discourse and acoustic properties from a prominence rating study of English, French and Spanish. Prominence ratings obtained from untrained raters, for samples of conversational speech in English, French and Spanish. Spreadsheets are organized with each word from the speech excerpt presented on a separate row of the spreadsheet, with acoustic measures, part of speech, and frequency, and individual raters’ prominence ratings specified in columns. The spreadsheets include legends for all variable names, and information about acoustic measures calculated in the spreadsheet. The methods by which these data were obtained are described in the related research article (Cole, Hualde, Smith, Eager, Mahrt, Napoleão de Souza, Journal of Phonetics, in press). This work was supported by a grant to Jennifer Cole, José I. Hualde and Caroline Smith from the National Science Foundation [BCS 1251343 and 1251134].



Linguistics, Phonetics, Speech Analysis, Prosody, Speech Perception, Phonology