Data for: New Method to Quantitatively Characterize the Emulsification Capability of Chemical Flooding Agents

Published: 19-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c7kv3n3sx5.1
Xiang-an Yue,
Guo Yabing,
Yang Changchun


The research data are the detailed datas of the figure in the article (Fig.4,Fig.5, Fig.6, Fig.9, Fig.10, Fig.12, Fig.13) . The Fig.4, Fig.5, Fig.6, Fig.9, Fig.12 datas shown the dynamic emulsified oil ratio curve of different sufactant solutions with different emulsification capability. The Fig.10, Fig.13 are the Crude oil saturation alternation of cores of during the displacement process.