Dataset for "Social regulation of individual differences in communication within honey bee foraging groups"

Published: 19 June 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/c85d3wczbs.2
Ebi George,


The CSV files represent data collected from honey bee foragers for 3 experiments. In the first experiment, the consistency in dance activity of foragers over 3 days is looked at. In the second experiment, the effect of removing foragers on the consistency in dance activity is looked at. In the third experiment, the effect of addition of recruits to the foraging group on the dance activity of individual foragers is looked at. Each of the 3 CSV file contains the data for all the foragers in the respective experiments. Within each csv file, the bee ID, the bee tag the day of the experiment, 6 activity parameters (circuits, dances, trips, probability, intensity and circuits/dances), the experiment ID and the colony ID are provided. Of these, the 3 parameters probability, intensity and circuits/dances were used for the analysis in the manuscript.



National Centre for Biological Sciences


Animal Behavior, Social Insects, Social Interaction, Recruitment, Animal Personality, Honey Bee, Division of Labor