Centrality Over Time of CJEU Decisions

Published: 6 January 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c8tg89hrbr.1
, Johan Lindholm


Included is the data and the script used in the study published in Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, 'Measuring Centrality in Legal Citation Networks – A Case Study of the HITS and PageRank Algorithms', Journal of International Economic Law (2017). The dataset contains all 38,261 citations made by the CJEU in its 8,891 decisions issued between 1954 and May 2011 to its own previous case law (edgelist.csv). Included is also the script for R (3.3.1) that we used to calculate the centrality of individual decisions over time. The script includes the code for calculating HubRank, a new centrality measurement introduced in the article.



Law, Network (Computer Science), Social Network Analysis, European Union, Network Analysis, Courts, European Law