Cultivate intercultural sensitivity to motivate U.S. foreign language learners: A quasi-experimental study

Published: 29 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c9bbgdhd7v.1
Chunling Niu


Through a four-week experimental intervention based on the intergroup contact theory, this study sought to (a) explore its effects on U.S. foreign language learners’ Intercultural Sensitivity; and (b) investigate the interactions between Intercultural Sensitivity, Foreign Language Motivation, and Language and Cultural Backgrounds. Three findings were noted: (a) Intercultural Sensitivity significantly related to Foreign Language Motivation, after controlling for learners’ Language and Cultural Background factors; (b) the four-week intervention failed to produce statistically significant impact as intended; and (c) Parental Encouragement, Exposure to the Target Language Culture, and Chinese Learning History significantly related to learners’ responsiveness towards innovative culture learning.



Motivation, Foreign Language Education, Intercultural Education