Metagenomic Dataset of a Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca)

Published: 6 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/c9jkf8n2yt.1
Subir Sarker


A cutaneous tissue sample from a wild mudlark (Grallina cyanoleuca) was collected at Canley Heights Veterinary Clinic, NSW-2166 (Sample ID: 19-1000) and was deposited at Charles Sturt University. The genomic DNA was isolated according to methods described previously using a ReliaPrep gDNA Tissue Miniprep System (Promega, USA). The library was prepared using the QIAseq FX DNA Library Kit (Qiagen) and sequenced with the sequencing reads the length of 150-bp paired-end on Illumina® NextSeq 500 platform through the Australian Genome Research Facility.



Evolutionary Biology