Data for: Large Deformation Axial Element for Implicit Constitutive Relations

Published: 24 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cb987zrzx7.1
Saravanan Umakanthan,
P. V. Vivek


The attached file contains the following: A README file explaining the contents of each of the files 2 matlab main program m-files: a. truss2D.m b. truss3D.m. 7 matlab function m-files: a. eqlb.m b. eqlb3D.m c. modelImp.m d. modellin.m e. modelMoon.m f. objectfunc.m g. objectfunc3D.m 15 Excel files containing the input data for different truss and constitutive relations as detailed below a. SpacetrussImp.xlsx b. Spacetrusslin.xlsx c. SpacetrussMoon.xlsx d. truss1Imp.xlsx e. truss1lin.xlsx f. truss1Moon.xlsx g. truss2Imp.xlsx h. truss2lin.xlsx i. truss2Moon.xlsx j. truss3Imp.xlsx k. truss3lin.xlsx l. truss3Moon.xlsx m. truss4Imp.xlsx n. truss4lin.xlsx o. truss4Moon.xlsx