Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises, Fiscal Policy and Investment

Published: 18 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cbdg4j2pnv.1
Carlo Galli


This repository contains the replication files for the paper "Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises, Fiscal Policy and Investment" by Carlo Galli. Please refer to the readme for further instructions on how to use the files.


Steps to reproduce

The code files of this repository are written in Julia version 1.5.1. This replication folder contains the following files: - the file `functions.jl`, which installs the required packages and compiles all functions used in order to generate the figures in the main text and the appendix; - the file `figures-code.jl`, which makes (and saves, upon uncommenting the related code lines) Figures 1 to 9 of the paper; - the readme files, in Markdown (``) and PDF (`readme.pdf`) versions; - the `Project.toml` and `Manifest.toml` files, which provide a snapshot of the packages and dependencies that the code relies on. To run the code - download all files of this repository in a folder; - open a julia REPL; - make sure the working directory is set to your local repository folder; - run `include("figures-code.jl")`.


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid