Dataset of seed production in temperate broadleaved tree species using different sampling methods

Published: 27 January 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/cc6m499bmm.3


The repository stores 223 records about seed production (number of seeds) of three broadleaved (beech, chestnut and Turkey oak) tree species obtained from different ground sampling methods. The seeds were collected in Italy during fall 2019 using Litter Traps (LT), ground quadrats (GQ) and Image quadrats (IQ). A quadrat of 0.25 m² (the same size and shape of litter trap) was placed on the ground and the seeds were either manually counted in the field (GQ) or in images acquired in the same quadrats (IQ) and then compared against LT measurements. For some records LT data were not available. This is the dataset used in the paper Tattoni C., Chianucci F., Ciolli M. , Ferrara C., Marchino L., Zanni M., Zatelli P. , Cutini A. A comparison of ground-based count methods for quantifying seed production in temperate broadleaved tree species. Annals of Forest Science 78, 11 (2021). Field description : Field Description Data type Format Missing values N Unique record number Integer Date Date of sampling Date dd/mm/yyyy IQ Seed counted with image quadrats Integer NA GQ Seed counted with ground quadrats Integer NA LT Seed counted with litter traps Integer NA Species Species Character



Forestry, Mediterranean Ecosystem, Biomass, Seed