Impact of Short-Time Fourier Transform Parameters on the Accuracy of EMI Spectra Estimates in the 2-150 kHz Supraharmonic Interval: Datasets and Supplementary Materials

Published: 07-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cc8kwxknt4.1
Leonardo Sandrolini,
Andrea Mariscotti


The dataset contains measurements of conducted emissions of two ITE SMPSs named "Black" and "Ktec" (26.4 W and 18 W, respectively) at two different operating conditions (25% and 90% of the load condition). The measurements were carried out with an 8-bits digital oscilloscope in the time domain with a sampling frequency of 10 MSa/s and consist of time records of 2 M samples. A Matlab script is also provided in order to load the data into the Matlab workspace. The script plots also the measured voltage versus time.