Efficacy and safety of midazolam combined with dezocine for sedative and analgesic colonoscopy: a prospective open single-center study

Published: 22 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cccgw7t7rb.1
Yongpeng Chen


Abstract: Objective: Midazolam combined with dezocine can be used for sedation and analgesia under colonoscopy. This study explored the efficacy and safety. Methods: The patients were non-blindly and non-randomly divided into sedative colonoscopy group (SC, n=29), anesthesia colonoscopy group (AC n=36) and ordinary colonoscopy group (OC, n=33). The vital signs, pain degree and satisfaction of colonoscopy were compared among the three groups. Results: The mean arterial pressure, pulse, respiration and blood oxygen saturation of AC in colonoscopy were significantly lower than those of SC and OC (P<0.05), and there was no significant difference between SE and OE. The pain score of SC was significantly lower than OC (1.17 ± 1.16 vs 3.52 ± 1.23, P<0.001); The satisfaction of OC (6.39 ± 1.06) was significantly lower than that of SC (8.79 ± 1.40) and AC (9.03 ± 0.91), (all P<0.001). There was no significant difference between SC and AC. Conclusion: The safety of midazolam combined with dezocine for sedative and analgesic endoscopy is similar to that of the ordinary colonoscopy. Sedative and analgesic colonoscopy is superior to the ordinary colonoscopy in comfort, satisfaction and compliance, and is equivalent to anesthesia colonoscopy. Considering the shortage of anesthesiologists in Chinese medical care, especially in primary care, the application of midazolam combined with desoxin in colonoscopy is worthy of clinical promotion.