Concentration of major ions, and composition of oxygen-18 and deuterium of groundwater samples in the Fuerte-Mayo Aquifer, Mexico

Published: 4 July 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ccjkxd853j.2
, Luis Mendez-Barroso,


This dataset contains the concentration of major anions (Cl, NO3, CO3, HCO3, SO2, SO4,), major cations ( Ca, Mg, K ) and the composition of Oxygen-18 and deuterium of groudwater samples within the Fuerte-Mayo aquifer (FMA) in Northwestern Mexico. Groundwater samples were collected from forty-six wells drilled in different locations within the Fuerte-Mayo Aquifer. This aquifer is located in the southern coastal plains of the Mexican state of Sonora where it is mainly exploited for human consumption. Samples were collected during the dry season (March to May) of the years 2022 and 2023. In addition, the composition of Oxygen-18 and deuterium of accumulated ranifall samples at four sites in the FMA was determined during the monsoon season 2022. The goal of the dataset is to understand the water-rocks-land use interactions and the possible presence of sea water intrusion in wells near the coastline.


Steps to reproduce

Groundwater samples were collected either by direct extraction from the well or obtained from the nearest faucet. Water samples from dug wells were collected using a geobailer. Water samples for isotopic composition were kept in hermetic 50-ml glass tubes to avoid evaporation which results in isotopic fraction alteration. Samples used to determined major cations were acidified using sulfuric acid. Analytical devices used for samples analysis include Seal autoanalyzer AA3, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV Spectrocopy, and Laser spectroscopy.


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora Departamento de Ciencias del Agua y Medio Ambiente


Geochemistry, Isotope Geochemistry, Groundwater Chemistry