Data set used in the replication of an IR based test case prioritization techniques (IRCOV)

Published: 8 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ccnzpxng54.1


This data set represents the results of our replication experiment to replicate a Test Case Prioritization Based on Information Retrieval Concepts. The technique was initially proposed by Jung-Hyun Kwon, In-Young Ko (Dept. Of Comp. Science KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea), Gregg Rothermel (Dept. of Comp. Science Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE), and Matt Staats (Univ. of Luxembourg, Luxembourg). All details about the experiment are documented in the paper titled "Lessons learned from replicating an information-retrieval based test case prioritization technique." The folder named CommonsCLI contains the results of successful replication of the test case prioritization technique based on coverage and information retrieval concepts. The folder contains both results from internal steps and the final results. The folder named LogsXmlSecurity presents the issues that we faced during the replication of this project. The folder named Log4J presents the partial replication results because due to less coverage of the tests cases, we could not replicate the underlying technique. And the Folder CommonsEmail also includes partial results, as we could not build the programs because of inappropriate mutants.


Steps to reproduce

To learn the steps to reproduce the results, please refer to the paper "Lessons learned from replicating an information-retrieval based test case prioritization technique.", we suggest using the automated script provided at


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