13 production systems of a housing (50 units) project in Mexico over 235 days

Published: 29 November 2016| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/cd63ngjrtm.2
Ricardo Antunes,
Vicente González


Study using 13 production systems of a housing project in Mexico over 235 days. The production systems are divided into two groups: Case A and Case B. Case A gathers six production systems and Case B seven. In both cases, the production systems are arranged in a way that the output of a system is the input of the subsequent system as in a queuing system. The inputs/outputs are jobs that comprehend in a few activities assigned to a crew. For instance, the crew assigned to the job ja0 should complete the foundation, excavation, and backfill of each house. Once the crew finishes ja0 of the house, it moves to the next house leaving room for the next crew, which was assigned to ja1, and so on until all the 50 houses are completed. For this example, ja0 is the input of the production system A1, and ja1 is the output.



Construction Management