Data for: Intensive and Extensive Margins of Capital and Labor

Published: 17 August 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cfbw78wptj.1
Hirokazu Mizobata, Hiroki Toyoda


Japandata.csv file is raw data which contains several model variables: GDP (y), gross investment rate (ik), stock prices (s), corporate income tax rate (tau), gross hiring rate (hn), capital utilization rate (uk), and working hours (un). Japandata.m file transforms them by taking natural logarithm and detrending them using a one-sided HP filter. Since we use the Matlab program, one_sided_hp_filter.m developed by Alexander Meyer-Gohde, you must download this before running the program. The outcome is stored in Japandata.mat file. Baseline and Appendix mod files reproduce the results in the article. You must install Dynare ( for your PC before conducting these programs. Our results in the article are obtained by Dynare version 4.5.6.