Data for: "Bed Expansion Properties of Tissue Engineering Particles in a Fluidised Bed Bioreactor"

Published: 19 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cghxnb8ppk.1
Jessica Pinheiro de Lucena-Thomas


This data set contains useful particle characterization and bed expansion measurements to for the creation of a revised correlation to enable fluidised bed bioreactor operation to be predicted for TE particles: single cells, spheroids and gel beads. The data is organised in an Excel spreadsheet with each tab relating to a specific figures and tables in the paper. Full details of the methodology can be found in the 'Materials and Methods' section of the associated manuscript. All particles presented in common small sizes, in the micrometre range, and their densities were almost equal to the perfusion fluid. Their terminal velocities were obtained experimentally, but when compared to values predicted by the Turton & Clark and Dallavalle equations, large deviations were observed. The bed expansion data was reported in terms of velocity against voidage in logarithmic plots and the expected linear relationship according to the Richardson & Zaki equation was observed for all particles. However, the predicted parameters n (expansion index) and k (correction factor) for this equation presented large deviations from the experimental values, likely due kinetic energy losses from inelastic collisions of soft particles. Happel and Foscolo equations were additionally used to describe bed expansion, but both presented even larger deviations. Therefore, the Richardson & Zaki equation adjusted with experimental n and terminal velocities was proposed as better model for further design and operation of FBB using the particles analysed, indicating the importance of using the experimental data in the bed expansion predictions.



University of Bath Department of Chemical Engineering


Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Cell, Bioreactor Hydrodynamics, Bioprocess, Cell Encapsulation, Particle Characterization, Bead, Bioreactor Design, Fluidization, Fluidized Bed, Spheroid