Talker-specificity and token-specificity in recognition memory

Published: 15 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cgrphxc976.1
William Clapp


Data and analysis script associated with the manuscript, "Talker-specificity and token-specificity in recognition memory" by William Clapp, Charlotte Vaughn, Simon Todd, & Meghan Sumner.


Steps to reproduce

Data were collected across two spoken word recognition memory experiments run on the participant recruitment platform using procedures coded with the jsPsych library. To reproduce statistical analyses, download both data CSVs and the R script to the same directory. In the R script, download necessary libraries (listed in lines 4-8) and update the directory path in line 11. All personally identifying information has been removed from the data sets.


University of Maryland at College Park, University of California Santa Barbara, Stanford University


Linguistics, Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science, Speech Perception, Auditory Perception