Ketogenic diet and chemotherapy combine to disrupt pancreatic cancer metabolism and growth

Published: 23 December 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/chm3xr2j7v.2
Lifeng Yang


13C-2H isotope tracing studies reveal that the 3HB is unidirectionally oxidized to make NADH. This stands in contrast to the carbohydrate-derived carboxylic acids lactate and pyruvate which rapidly interconvert, buffering NADH/NAD. In murine pancreatic tumors, ketogenic diet decreases glucose’s concentration and TCA cycle contribution, enhances 3HB’s concentration and TCA contribution, and modestly elevates NADH, but does not impact tumor growth. In contrast, the combination of ketogenic diet and cytotoxic chemotherapy substantially raises tumor NADH and synergistically suppresses tumor growth, tripling the survival benefits of chemotherapy alone. Chemotherapy and ketogenic diet also synergize in immune-deficient mice, although long-term growth suppression was only observed in mice with an intact immune system.



Princeton University


Chemotherapy, Pancreatic Cancer, Ketogenic Diet, Ketones