xSLHA: An Les Houches Accord reader for Python and Mathematica

Published: 23 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cj958d76pf.1


The format defined by the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA) is widely used in high energy physics to store and exchange information. It is no longer applied only to a few supersymmetric models, but the general structure is adapted to all kind of models. Therefore, it is helpful to have parsers at hand which can import files in the SLHA format into high-level languages as Python and Mathematica in order to further process the data. The focus of the xSLHA package, which exists now for Python and Mathematica, was on a fast read-in of large data samples. Moreover, also some blocks used by different tools, as HiggsBounds for instance, deviate from the standard conventions. These are also supported by xSLHA.



Computational Physics