Appraising the Spatial Variability of Urban Heat Island Intensity of a tropical South Asian mega city: A field study of the Colombo Metropolitan Region in Sri Lanka

Published: 8 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cjcxtt59zj.1


The data set comprises the original data recorded in the study including the land use/ land cover indices (built to unbuilt ratio, NDVI and NDBI), measured air temperatures, land surface temperatures (LST) and the calculated surface and atmospheric urban heat island intensities of the selected monitoring sites.


Steps to reproduce

The LST data of each observation site were acquired from MODIS MOD11A1 and MOD11B1 data. The air temperatures were obtained by mounting HOBO UX-100-003 Temperature/relative humidity data loggers (within 3.5% accuracy) at a height of 2 ±0.5m from the ground level at the monitoring sites. Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS was used to derive NDVI and NDBI values of each monitoring site. The ArcGIS 10.3 software was used to prepare the LST, NDVI and NDBI maps. Standard equations mentioned in the paper were used in determining the NDVI and NDBI.


University of Colombo


Urban Heat Island Effect, Land Cover Change, Landsat Satellite, Air Temperature