Class Discussion and Engagement

Published: 13 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cjhbng3rn3.1
Jonathan Lancaster


This data was collected to investigate relationships between student engagement and equity of participation in class discussions for high school students. For equity of participation, this data used an application named "Equity Maps," which collects the equity of class participation for the Time Spoken, the Number of Times Spoken, and the Equity Quotient. Moreover, this data includes student responses to a modified Classroom Engagement Inventory (CEI) that consisted of nine questions: three that targeted Affective Engagement, three that targeted Behavioral Engagement, and three that targeted Cognitive Engagement. This data consists of 16 discussions across four teachers (four discussions per teacher).


Steps to reproduce

1) Use the Equity Maps Application to track a class discussion. (This study tracked Harkness Method class discussions in a Northern New Jersey high school). 2) Provide the modified CEI survey to students in the last 2 minutes of class. 3) Replicate the above steps for the desired number of discussions across the desired number of times. (This study chose four teachers, tracked four discussions per teacher across four months. In short, this study tracked one discussion per month for each teacher).