Data for: High-quality, high-throughput cryo-electron microscopy data collection via beam tilt and astigmatism-free beam-image shift

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cjjcd8743c.1
xinzheng zhang


Script 1. Automatic coma determination program. Data was collected using the apo-ferritin sample with a continuous carbon-film grid at -2um defocus value. It is necessary to eliminate the original astigmatism and coma in manual before measurement to get original beam tilt angles (ori_X and ori_Y). Script 2. Coma search of beam-image shift. Run script 2 and record changes of astigmatism and coma in different α and d. The changes of astigmatism obtain from the Stigmator window of serialEM and coma obtain via automatic coma determination program. Fit all the parameters to get the fitting curves and formulas which are applied to the beam-image shift data collection. Script 3. 6×6 data collection via beam-image shift. In theory, only to know α0 and r (Figure 3), we can calculate all the parameters needed for data collection. But there is a slight difference between the actual and theoretical values due to the error in grid production or other objective factors.



Cryo-Electron Microscopy