Determinants of Time Overrun in Small Construction Projects: evidence from Brazil

Published: 22 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cjr5xxbx45.1
Luis Cândido


This database was colected to test a theoretical model of Determinants of Time Overrun in Small Construction Projects, through exploratory factor analysis. The data was gahered from a survey with 106 professionals. TOur results pointed out the significant differences in causes of time overruns between small and larger construction projects, especially concerning the scope and quality of design, manpower, and materials. These results indicate that companies performing small construction projects are less professionalized and structured than larger companies, facing even more challenges in meeting time schedules. The comprehension of the mode and nature of each determinant can lead professionals and academics to design methods and techniques aimed at growing efficiency in construction projects that could reduce time overruns in the construction industry. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study in Brazil to address the wide range of causes of delays in small construction projects from a structured quantitative approach.


Steps to reproduce

The data collection was carried out in January and February of 2022. The survey used a three-part online questionnaire was used. In the first part, the respondents were requested to declare their individual profile information. These included years of experience, educational background, firm types that they were working for. In the second part, they were asked about the main characteristics of the last construction project they participated. Based on these characteristics, in the third part they were requested to rate identified causes of time overrun based on a Likert scale ranging from 1 (completely disagree) to 10 (completely agree). “Delay in delivery of materials leads to time overrun in my last construction project” are one of the assertions used in this classification to rank.


Universidade Federal do Cariri, Universidade Federal do Ceara


Management, Econometrics, Civil Construction