Heavy quarkonium light front wave functions from basis light-front quantization with a running coupling

Published: 1 August 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/cjs4ykv8cv.2
Yang Li


The set of data contains charmonium and bottomonium light-front wave functions obtained from the Basis Light-Front Quantization (BLFQ) approach with a running coupling as described in Yang Li, P. Maris, J.P. Vary, Quarkonium as relativistic bound state on the light front, Phys. Rev. D 96, 016022 (2017) ; [arXiv:1704.06968 [hep-ph]]. Comparing with the previous version (http://dx.doi.org/10.17632/5bgp37xwz4.1), the present data describe the short-distance physics better. A brief description of the data including how to use the data is provided. A visualization of the wave functions can be found in both the supplemental materials of the journal publication and the preprint server under Ancillary files.


Steps to reproduce

See Li et al Phys. Rev. D 96, 016022 (2017) ; [arXiv:1704.06968 [hep-ph]] for the description of methods. See README and wavefunctions.pdf enclosed in the tar ball for introduction and the use of the wave functions.


Iowa State University


Physics, Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics, Theoretical Physics, Hadronic Physics