C2C-IT and C2C-I - 2020

Published: 9 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ckhgg4pprx.1
Ricardo Tarrasch


C2C-IT and C2C-I mindfulness and compassion programs were implemented among teachers or teachers and their students, throughout an academic year. Pupils filled out a questionnaire three times, before the beginning of the C2C workshop (“pre-measure”), immediately after its termination (“post-measure”), and six months after the workshop completion (“follow-up measure”). The questionnaire included 10 scales that measured anxiety, perceived stress, somatization, well-being, attachment to the teacher, mindfulness, attentional deficits, and feeling about the classroom.


Steps to reproduce

The SPSS data file includes the following variables: number = child number kita = class class = class number gender = gender age = age TREAT = group: 0=controls, 1=only teachers, 2=teachers and children time = measure time: 1=pre, 2=post, 3=follow-up spence = anxiety pss = stress somat = somatization well_being = well-being attach_teacher = attachment to the teacher observe = FFMQ-observe describe = FFMQ-describe aware = FFMQ-awareness non_judge = FFMQ-non-judgement non_react = FFMQ-non-recativity mindful = FFMQ-Total score attention_probl = attention problems class_atmosph = class atmosphere


Tel Aviv University


Education, Teacher, Student, Mindfulness