Study of mouthparts of the subfamily Curculioninae (Curculionidae)

Published: 18 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cm94h6c6mh.1


This study is devoted to the structure of mouthparts of the beetles of the family Curculionidae subfamily Curculioninae (Coleoptera) including mandibles, maxillae and labium, which was not studied earlier. These structures was disarticulated from the specimens, placed in slides with Canada balsam and ilustrated by preliminary photos. The following taxa from Holarctic was studied: tribe Anthonomini - 7 species of Anthonomus (A. ater, A. koenigi, A. quadrigibbus, A. phyllocola, A. rubi, A. signatus, A. terreus), Brachonyx pineti, Bradybatus kellneri, Furcipus rectirostris tribe Acalyptini - Acalyptus carpini tribe Anoplini - Anoplus plantaris tribe Cionini - Cionus tamazo tribe Curculionini - Curculio rubidus tribe Ellescini - Dorytomus dejeani, Ellescus scanicus tribe Mecinini - Mecinus ianthinus tribe Rhamphini - Orchestes testaceus tribe Smicronychini - Smicronyx coecus tribe Tychiini - Tychius picirostris In the course of this study, many new previously unknown features in differents mouthparts have already been discovered. This provide a great deal of additional material for understanding the phylogenetic relationships within Curculioninae. In the near future, we plan to significantly increase the number of studied taxa, so that the data obtained can be more adequately interpreted from the point of view of the phylogeny of the group.