Classical and neural PCA for image compression - Matlab files

Published: 22 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cmg7vvxtp3.1
Krzysztof Bartecki


Matlab scripts, functions and image files for the classical and neural network-based PCA aproaches for lossy image compression. Scripts (require Matlab Deep Learning Toolbox and the helper functions given below): - CPCA_compression.m: image compression/decompression procedure using the classical PCA approach, - APCA_compression.m: image compression/decompression procedure using the neural linear autoencoder, - GPCA_compression.m: image compression/decompression procedure using the GHA neural network. Functions: - prep_diff_image.m: preparing the vectorized difference image frame matrix based on the original image matrix, - prep_decompr_image.m: preparing the reconstructed (decompressed) image matrix based on the reconstructed (decompressed) vectorized difference image frame matrix, - calc_error_coeffs.m: calculating different indicators of the image compression error, - gha.m: training the GHA neural network (Matlab function shared by David Gleich in Images: - baboon.tif, - barbara.tif, - lighthouse.tif.



Artificial Neural Network, Image Compression, Principal Component Analysis