SIDES: Nucleon–nucleus elastic scattering code for nonlocal potential

Published: 9 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cmpjgyrngr.1
G. Blanchon,
M. Dupuis,
H.F. Arellano,
R.N. Bernard,
B. Morillon


We introduce the package SIDES (Schrödinger Integro-Differential Equation Solver) that solves the integro-differential Schrödinger equation for elastic scattering of a nonlocal optical potential in coordinate space. The code is capable of treating the Coulomb interaction without restrictions. The method is based on previous developments by Jacques Raynal in the DWBA07 code. Elastic scattering observables such as differential and integral cross sections, as well as analyzing power and spin rotation functions for both neutron and proton projectiles are evaluated, with no restriction on the type of nonlocality of the potential nor on the beam energy. The corresponding distorted wavefunctions are calculated as well. The SIDES package includes a Perey–Buck potential generator with two parametrizations. It includes as well local potential parametrizations and allows for mixing local and nonlocal contributions. Benchmarks are performed and discussed.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics, Scattering