Data for: The timing and nature of the last glacial cycle in New Zealand

Published: 26 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cn8fny775d.1
James Shulmeister, Tammy Rittenour, Nicholas Patton, Glenn Thackray, david fink


These files contain the supplementary data for 'The timing and nature of the last glacial cycle in New Zealand'. There are three parts. Luminescence metadata (Fig 7) provides information about luminescence ages associated with glacial deposits in New Zealand including citations to papers, location and type of sample, method of dating etc. It supports Figure 7. The word file 'Contextual information and explanation for ages of Otiran advances (Fig 9)' provides an explanation of why we chose to the present our glacial events at low age resolution and information on how we calculated the ages. It also identifies which samples were used in determining ages of individual events and the advances. This word file is supported by an excel file 'Metadata for ages of Otiran Advances (Fig 9)' that provides the metadata for figure 9 in a more accessible form.



Geochronology, Glacial History