Data for: On the Interaction between Public Sector Employment and Minimum Wage in a Search and Matching Model

Published: 15 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cpxvr9jfxf.1
Mauricio Tejada


Microdata from Chilean Socio-Economic Characterization Survey (CASEN) The complete dataset is public and can be downloaded from Columns: 1 duration - unemployment duration in months 2 hrwages - Hourly real wages in Chilean pesos 3 hrmwage - Hourly real minimum wage in Chilean pesos 4 emp - Employment indicator (1 employed and 0 unemployed) 5 privjob - Private job indicator (1 private sector and 0 public sector) 6 skilled - Skilled worker indicator (1 high skilled and 0 low skilled) Note: Missing values are represented by NaN.


Steps to reproduce

We estimate the model for the Chilean labor market using a cross-section household survey, which is representative at the national level, namely the Socio-Economic Characterization Survey (CASEN). We use the survey of 2013. Our sample is comprised male workers aged between 30 and 55 years. We include only full-time formal employees in both sectors, private and public, who have an explicit job contract in our sample. Finally, we exclude informal and self-employed workers of our sample. Additionally, individuals with missing information on unemployment durations, hours worked or wages where dropped and to avoid the effect of outliers in the estimation we dropped the upper and lower one percentile of the wages distribution by sector and skill level (we define skilled workers as workers with at least a university degree, while unskilled workers are defined as workers with at most secondary education).


Economics, Econometrics