SCNS-SF34Malay dataset

Published: 19-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cpyzxvv2gs.1
noorsuzana mohd shariff,
Nizuwan Azman


This dataset relates to a study that aims to assess the psychometric properties of a Malay version of SCNS-SF34 among Malaysian cancer patients. This data involves 171 cancer patients. Data were collected using the structured five-factor survey via telephone call or face-to-face interviews. The internal reliability and the construct validity of SCNS-SF34M were analysed using principal component analysis with varimax rotation. The health system and information need (HSI) domain has been identified as the domain with highest mean score of 2.73 (±0.88), followed by patient care and support needs domain (2.16 (±0.90)) and physical and daily living needs domain (1.99 (±0.98)). The confirmatory factor analysis indicated a moderate model fit for RMSEA with 0.070, TLI = 0.911 and CFI = 0.924. The SCNS-SF34M was found to be a conceptually applicable and culturally appropriate scale for measuring cancer patients’ supportive care within the Malaysian context.