Reflected Foliar Spectra and local environmental conditions of Regenerating Plants in Neotropical Forest Gaps

Published: 25 November 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/cpzwk9m3s8.3
Écio Diniz,
Cibele Amaral,
SIlas Sardinha,
Jan Thiele,
Joao Meira-Neto


The datasets here include data on average foliar spectra (Reflected wavelengths: 350-2500 nm) of gap regenerating species in Atlantic semi-deciduous forests sampled in the Southeast region of Brazil. The foliar spectra datasets include the data processed using splice correction and normalized by the first derivative. The other type of dataset includes the averaged local gap conditions for each species regarding soil and canopy parameters, as well as their average geographic coordinates and altitude of occurrence. Further details are provided in a descriptive text file that follows the datasets.