Dataset of urban and rural same-sex marriages and divorces in Norway 1993 to 2018

Published: 9 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cr8thpfmvm.1
Rune Zahl-Olsen


The datasets contain cohort data on all same-sex marriages and legislations from 1993 to 2018, with annual follow-up for up to 25 years. 26 cohorts and 5187 male and female same-sex marriages in total. The data displays the number of divorced marriages for each year of follow-up. The information is stored in two separate files. The file Same-sex age contains information regarding the age and standard deviation of both partners in the year of their marriage. There are seven variables in the file. The first three characteristics determine the sample. Sample: urban, rural, and total; Category: 2 = same-sex women and 3 = same-sex men; Cohort: 1993 to 2018. The remaining four variables describe the ages of the sampled couples. Age1 and SD1 represent the age and standard deviation of the couple's senior member. Age2 and SD2 for the couple's youngest member. The same three variables are used to define the sample in the file Same-sex divorce rate, followed by the number of marriages and divorces. Follow_up_year is the year of follow-up (0-25), and Accum_N_Divorced is the accumulated number of divorces in this sample, category and cohort at that year of follow-up. Accum_divorced is the Accum_N_Divorced devided by Population (the initial number of married in that cohort). Year_divorced is the Cohort added by Follow_up_year. More details are provided in the paper, Prospective marriage and divorce data on Norwegian cohorts of same-sex marriages from 1993 to 2018. The paper, Same-sex Marriage over 26 years: Marriage and Divorce Trends in Rural and Urban Norway by Rune Zahl-Olsen and Frode Thuen, 2022, Journal of Family History, provides an illustration of how the data can be used. The files are provided in Excel and CSV format


Steps to reproduce

The data stems from a special order from Norway Statistics. All marriages where at least one person in the couple were living in Norway was included. Follow up for each successive year to control if they still were married to the same person.


Sorlandet sykehus HF


Homosexuality, Divorce, Marriage