Data for: A water temperature simulation model for rice paddies with variable water depths

Published: 3 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/crbdbyc87j.1
Atsushi Maruyama


Supporting Information for A water temperature simulation model for rice paddies with variable water depths This dataset provide a calculation sample of the simulation of water temperature with change in water depth, which conducted in the paper. The model simulation was conducted with water depths from 0 to 200 mm for three different air temperature levels (Tave=10, 20, and 30°C) vs. three different canopy densities (LAI=0.25, 1, and 4). The diurnal temperature ranges for each air temperature level were set at 10.8, 10.4, and 8.0°C, respectively. Daily mean values of water vapor pressure, solar radiation, and wind speed were set at eave = esat (Tmin), RSday=350 Wm−2, and Uave=2 m s−1, respectively. The developmental stage and canopy height of the rice plants were set at corresponding values for each canopy density, i.e., Ps=0.35 and h=0.28 for LAI=0.25, Ps=0.5 and h=0.46 for LAI=1, and Ps=1 and h=1.06 for LAI=4, respectively. The time step of the calculation is 1 hour. The calculation includes the spin-up of 5-day long to obtain initial values of water temperature. This spin-up should be omitted after the second day for continuous simulations, such as seasonal changes. Dataset. Calculation sample of the water temperature of rice paddies. (CSV file is input/output data, BAS files are VBA program codes, and XLSM file combines them into one so that water temperature simulations can be run. The energy balance on the water surface and the canopy are also calculated at the same time.)



Energy Balance, Computer Program, Paddy Field, Water Temperature, Micrometeorology