Dataset on Ethical Climate, Organizational Commitment and Career Satisfaction.

Published: 17 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cs77h83t53.1
ravi hooda,


This dataset belongs to the survey conducted for capturing the Ethical Climate, Organizational commitment and Career Satisfaction from employees working in different service sector organization settings in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi, India. For the purpose of data collection, a questionnaire was developed borrowing validated scales from previous literature.


Steps to reproduce

Primary data were used for testing the hypothesis, and a survey was carried out through a self administered scale. While administering the test, respondents were not asked to provide any identifiable information to maintain the anonymity of responses, and instructions for survey completion were attached to each questionnaire. The questionnaire was made up of several survey items in three sections measuring ethical climate, commitment, and career satisfaction. About 500 questionnaires were distributed through email, Whats-App, and in person. Out of these questionnaires, 300 were returned to the researcher. After preliminary screening, a sample of 248 questionnaires was found suitable for further analysis. Scoring was done manually after receiving the responses in accordance with the instructions given in the manuals for the respective scales. Consent was obtained from participants for the use of their responses in our research. The study was approved by the Ethical Committee for Scientific Research of the institution to which the authors are affiliated and was conducted by authors. Prior to formal data collection, authors were trained to be familiar with the whole process of this survey, such as describing the instructions, explaining obscure items to some participants, and explaining the voluntary nature and confidentiality of participation. Participants were also asked to check the completeness of their responses upon completion of the questionnaire.


Applied Psychology, Ethical Aspect, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Organizational Commitment, Career, Career Psychology