Analysis of the Business Model Archetypes in the Sharing Economy in Spain, 2020

Published: 6 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/csk48g3rnk.1


This dataset consists of three files, the first is an Excel (Firms_SEBM.xlsx) with the data collection of Sharyng Economy companies in Spain for further study. The second, (ChiSquare_Analysis.pdf), is a pdf containing the results of the correlation analysis between the defining variables of Sharing Economy Business Model in Spain using the chi-square statistic. The inputs to this analysis are the data contained in the first file, Firms_SEBM.xlsx. The statistic has been applied for each pair of variables. As a result of this analysis the correlated variables have been eliminated. The third file is called Results-Cluster-two-steps.pdf and contains the results of the application of the two-step clustering algorithm to the identification of business model archetypes in the Sharing Economy in Spain, 2020. This analysis has allowed to establish 6 archetypes of business models in the sharing economy in Spain. The statistical program SPSS version 26 was used.


Steps to reproduce

Se ha utilizado el paquete estadístico SPSS versión 26


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid